Tidal, the popular music streaming service, has‍ recently⁢ introduced a fantastic discount⁢ for the military community. With this special offer,⁣ members of the⁣ military and their families ​can enjoy their favorite tunes at a more affordable‌ price. ⁣Whether⁤ you’re an active-duty service ⁣member, a veteran, or ⁢a military spouse, ⁣Tidal’s military discount is a great way to groove to your go-to tracks without breaking the ​bank.

Tidal is‌ an online music streaming⁤ platform that ⁣offers high-fidelity sound quality, exclusive curated playlists, and a vast library of‍ over​ 70 million songs. Founded in ⁤2014,‍ Tidal quickly​ gained popularity among music enthusiasts for its commitment to providing premium sound, original content, ⁣and supporting artists. Now, Tidal is extending its gratitude to the military community by⁤ offering a generous discount that allows service members and their loved ⁢ones to access their favorite tunes anytime and anywhere.

Getting the military discount from Tidal is a simple process. To avail of this ‌offer, military personnel and their families need to create a Tidal account and‍ verify their⁣ military ‍status through SheerID. SheerID is a⁢ trusted verification platform that ensures only eligible individuals ⁤can access exclusive offers and discounts. ⁣Once you’ve successfully verified your military status, you can enjoy Tidal’s extensive music library at a⁣ discounted⁣ monthly cost. It’s ​a small gesture from Tidal‍ to show appreciation for the sacrifices⁤ and ⁤service rendered‌ by the military community. So, if you’re ‍in the military and love music, don’t ⁣miss out on Tidal’s military discount – it’s the⁤ perfect way to keep your music flowing while saving some extra cash.


Q: What is the Tidal military discount?
A: The Tidal military discount is an exclusive⁣ offer designed to show appreciation and support to ‌military personnel and veterans⁢ who use the Tidal music streaming service. It provides a reduced⁤ rate on Tidal subscriptions to‌ eligible military members and their families.

Q: Who‌ is eligible for the Tidal military ⁢discount?
A:‌ The Tidal military discount is available to active-duty military personnel,⁣ reservists, veterans, and their ​immediate family‌ members.

Q: How much is the discount for the Tidal military discount?
A: The Tidal military discount offers ⁤a generous 40% discount on all subscription plans available. This means⁤ that​ eligible ⁣military personnel and veterans can ​enjoy the same high-quality music at a significantly reduced price.

Q:​ How can I apply for the Tidal ‌military discount?
A: To apply‍ for the‌ Tidal military discount, all you need to ⁣do is visit ⁢the Tidal website and follow the instructions ​provided. During the application process, you ⁢will be ⁣required ⁤to provide proof of your military affiliation or⁤ status.

Q: Once approved, how long does the Tidal military discount‌ last?
A: The Tidal military discount is ⁢an ongoing offering. Once approved⁢ for the discount, you will continue⁣ to receive the reduced rate as long​ as the account ‌remains⁣ active, and you maintain your eligibility‌ as a military member⁤ or veteran.

Q: Can ‌I share my Tidal military⁤ discount‍ with​ family members?
A: Yes, the Tidal military discount is extendable to immediate​ family members of the eligible‌ military personnel or veterans. You can enjoy the reduced rate on multiple accounts within your household, ensuring that all family ⁢members can take advantage of the discount.

Q: ​What happens⁣ if I cancel my Tidal subscription?
A: If you decide to cancel ‌your Tidal ⁤subscription, you will no longer ‌be eligible for the military discount. However, you can reapply for⁣ the discount if you ​choose to ​reactivate your‌ subscription in the future.

Q: Are there ‌any limitations ⁣or restrictions with the Tidal military discount?
A: The Tidal military discount is subject to the standard terms and ​conditions set by Tidal. It cannot be combined with any⁣ other offers or ‌promotions and is ‍not transferable.‌ However, you can always contact Tidal’s customer support for any ⁢specific questions or concerns you may ⁣have⁢ regarding the discount.

Q: How can I​ reach customer support for any ⁣further assistance ​regarding the Tidal military discount?
A: Tidal’s friendly customer support team ⁣is available to assist you‍ with ​any inquiries or issues you may have ‍related to the Tidal military discount. You can reach them through⁤ Tidal’s website by ‍visiting the ​contact or⁣ support section, where you’ll find various ways to get in touch, including email or live chat options.

Q: Is there anything else I should know about the Tidal‌ military discount?
A:‍ The​ Tidal military ⁢discount ⁤is ⁣Tidal’s way of expressing gratitude ⁤to military personnel and ‍veterans for their ‌service. It‌ offers⁤ an affordable and enjoyable ⁣music streaming⁣ experience with ‍a substantial discount. So, if you are‌ an ​eligible military ‌member or ⁤veteran, don’t miss out ⁣on this fantastic opportunity to access​ top-quality ⁣music at an exceptional ‌price.