Southwest Airlines

Traveling is a big part of your life when working in the military. You’ve likely left family behind on countless occasions to fly to destinations all over the country, if not the world! Flying is the most convenient way to travel, and by far the fastest. But it’s also the most pricey, due to the cost of jet fuel and other airline-incurred expenses.

Southwest Airlines is well-known for both their high-quality flight experience and their reasonable fares. They happily fly passengers to a multitude of locations, both across the US and the rest of the world. They even offer vacation bundle rates to allow you to save even more on your trip — as well as make the booking process easier for you!

How To Get The Southwest Airlines Military Discount

Military personnel are rewarded for their service in several ways when they choose to fly Southwest. Not only will you receive a special military fare, but you’re also allowed free luggage (up to 20 additional pieces) and priority boarding on all flights. You’ll have to call Southwest directly to receive the special rate, but that’s a small price to pay for all the savings you’ll be getting!

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