Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia

Are you a member of⁤ the military ​looking for a fun and thrilling way to spend your day off? Well, look no further than Six Flags Over Georgia! This⁢ popular amusement park ‍offers an exclusive military discount that allows ⁣service members and their families to enjoy all the excitement and entertainment at a‌ discounted ​price. So, get ready to experience heart-pounding roller coasters, entertaining shows, and delicious food, all while‌ saving some extra cash!

Six Flags Over Georgia ​is a renowned⁣ amusement ⁣park located just outside Atlanta, ⁢Georgia. With over 40 thrilling rides ⁤and attractions, there’s something ⁢for​ everyone ‍to enjoy. From adrenaline-pumping roller coasters like Goliath ⁢and Twisted Cyclone⁤ to family-friendly attractions like the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, this ⁣park offers non-stop fun and excitement. Aside from the thrilling rides, Six Flags Over Georgia also⁤ hosts ⁤live shows⁤ and ⁢provides a wide range of dining options to satisfy every craving.

Getting the Six Flags Over Georgia military discount is a breeze.⁢ To take advantage​ of this exclusive offer, ​all you need to do is show your military ID at the ticket booth when purchasing your tickets. This discount is available to active​ duty members, veterans, and ​their​ immediate family members. By offering this discount, Six ​Flags Over ‍Georgia strives ⁣to show their appreciation⁤ for the brave men and women who ‍serve and protect our country. So, gather your ​family and friends, head over ‌to Six Flags Over Georgia, ⁤and enjoy a​ day full of ‌excitement and ‍endless ‌fun while saving some money on tickets.


Q: What is the military ⁤discount offered by Six Flags Over Georgia?
A: Six Flags Over Georgia offers a generous military discount for​ active military members and veterans.

Q: Who is eligible for the military discount at Six Flags Over Georgia?
A: All‍ active duty military personnel, as well as veterans, are eligible for this special discount.

Q: Can‌ family members ‍of military personnel ​also receive the discount?
A: Yes, ⁤the ⁣military discount ⁣can also be extended to immediate family​ members of military personnel, including spouses and children.

Q: How much is ⁢the ⁢discount ​for military ⁢members?
A: The ⁣military discount varies throughout ‍the​ year, but typically offers a significant ‌reduction on both admission⁢ tickets and ⁢season passes.

Q: Are there any restrictions on⁣ the military discount at Six Flags Over Georgia?
A:⁣ While the ⁤specific⁣ terms and‍ conditions ‌may vary, generally, the military discount is valid for a limited number of⁢ tickets per military member and cannot be combined with⁤ other offers or promotions.

Q: How can military personnel take advantage of⁣ this discount?
A: Military personnel can take advantage of ​the discount by simply presenting their valid military ID or proof of service ⁤at the ​ticket booth of Six​ Flags Over Georgia.

Q: Is the military discount‌ available for⁢ online ticket purchases?
A: Yes, Six Flags Over Georgia also ​offers the military discount‍ for online ticket purchases. Military‍ personnel can visit the official website and follow the instructions to receive their discounted tickets.

Q: Can the military discount be used at other⁤ Six Flags parks?
A: While this article focuses on Six Flags Over Georgia, it’s worth noting that ​many other ‍Six Flags parks across the United ⁣States also offer military discounts.​ However, the specific terms and ​discount amounts may vary between parks.

Q: How long is the military discount available?
A: The military discount is typically available throughout the operating season of ⁣Six Flags Over Georgia. ‍However, it ⁢is⁤ always a good idea to double-check with ‍the park’s official website or‌ contact their customer service for any updates or changes.

Q: Where ​can I‍ find more information about the ⁣military discount at Six Flags Over Georgia?
A: For more detailed information, including current discount rates, restrictions, and any ⁤additional offers, you can ‍visit‍ the official Six Flags Over⁤ Georgia website or contact their customer service directly.