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When you finally have time to do some shopping away from your busy work schedule, you’ll likely want to do as much as you can in one place. Clothing, shoes, accessories, and gear for your hobbies don’t often exist all in one convenient store, but if you look in the right places, you might be surprised at what you find.

Scheels is one of these rare gems, offering all the above-mentioned items and more for men, women, and children at super reasonable prices. Their inventory spans several popular hobbies, including hunting, fishing, and shooting. Not only that, but they even have fan merchandise and a home and yard section to really round out your shopping trip! 

How To Get The Scheels Military Discount

Scheels honors veterans on several occasions throughout the year and proudly employ many military service members after their active days come to an end. They also offer you a discount on all purchases, just bring your military ID along when you visit. You’ll get a discount of 5% off, which can really add up considering all their amazing offerings!

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