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Purple Mattress, ⁣known for their commitment towards ensuring ⁢their ‌customers get a‍ good ⁢night’s sleep, goes the extra ⁣mile to appreciate the brave men and women serving⁤ in the military. In⁣ recognition of their unwavering dedication and sacrifices, Purple Mattress proudly offers⁤ a special military discount,‍ extending further support ⁢to our military personnel and their‌ families. Providing service⁢ members with quality sleep aids, they aim to give back to a​ community that tirelessly works for our ⁢safety and security.

Purple Mattress’s name has become synonymous⁢ with‍ quality and comfort in the sleep ⁣industry. Known for their revolutionary mattress technology, ⁢comfort⁢ innovations, and unique⁤ design, they‍ provide a huge leap forward for those in pursuit of a good⁣ night’s sleep. Their​ mattresses are ​engineered with a science-based approach to ensure optimal⁤ neck support and ‌spinal alignment. The universal design caters ‌to ‍all body types and sleep styles. Whether it’s the meticulously designed⁢ Purple Grid, breathable stretch covers, or premium support coils, every‌ detail is crafted to provide ultimate comfort.⁤ Purple’s mission is simple – to ‌enhance the sleep comfort of their customers by offering top-notch, scientifically-designed‍ mattresses.

To take advantage of their military discount, eligible ⁤customers must verify their active, veteran, retired, or reservist ⁢status with the U.S. military service through Purple’s verification​ process. This process is made easy and secure by SheerID, a digital ‍verification service. Once you have‍ been​ successfully verified, ⁤a⁤ unique, one-time-use code will be provided,‍ which you can apply at checkout ‍to enjoy your discount.‍ This ⁢discount is Purple Mattress’s way of saying a heartfelt thanks to those serving in our military service and is a testament to their ongoing commitment ⁣to support and give back to our community. Remember, quality sleep is not⁢ just a luxury, but an essential element of a healthy lifestyle, and Purple Mattress is here to ensure you achieve it.

Q: What is the ⁣Purple Mattress ​military discount?
A: Purple Mattress offers a special 10% off discount to all active, reserve, ‌retired, and veteran⁣ members of the military as a token of gratitude‌ for ⁤their service.

Q: How can I avail ‌of this military discount if I qualify?
A: If you qualify for the military discount, all you‌ have to do ⁣is verify ⁤your eligibility through SheerID on the Purple Mattress website. Once ‌verified, you⁣ will ⁢receive a one-time promo code​ that can ‌be used at checkout.

Q: Can military family members avail ⁢this discount?
A: Yes, the Purple Mattress military discount extends to military family ​members as well. They​ simply ‍need to undergo ​the same verification process.

Q: ​What items can I use the‌ military discount on?
A: The 10% off military discount can be used⁢ on any Purple ⁣Mattress product, including mattresses, pillows, bedding, and seat cushions.

Q: Does the⁣ military discount⁣ apply ‍to sale items?
A: Generally, the ⁤military ‌discount applies to the original retail price and cannot be combined with other promotions or sale prices. It’s always best to check the terms and conditions for the⁤ specific discount offered.

Q: Can I use this discount in-store?
A: Yes,⁢ the ‌military ⁢discount can be applied both for online purchases from the Purple Mattress website and in-store ‌purchases.

Q: How often can⁣ I use my military discount?
A: The military discount creates a one-time promo code for use. For future purchases, you ​would ​need to ‍re-verify your status to ⁣obtain‍ a new discount code.

Q: I’m having trouble verifying my military status through ‍SheerID, ⁤what do I‌ do?
A: If you’re having issues ⁢with verification,⁣ you can​ contact ⁤SheerID’s customer service for ⁤assistance. They’ll be ‌happy to ​help you out.

Q: Can the military discount ‌be‍ combined with other⁣ promotions?
A: Typically, the military discount cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. The discount only applies to the original retail price.

Q: Is this discount applicable⁢ for international military personnel?
A: The Purple Mattress military discount is‍ currently only ​available to U.S. military personnel.