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Pit Viper, an avid ‌adventure and eyewear industry ⁣brand, values and appreciates the‍ service of our military‍ personnel. To show our gratitude, Pit Viper offers an exclusive military discount program. Those who serve or have served in the military, along‍ with their families, can take advantage of⁣ this special offer. Whether you’re⁤ looking for durable sunglasses, stylish apparel, or high-quality accessories, Pit Viper has got you covered, all while giving back to those who have served ‌our nation.

Pit Viper specializes in creating sunglasses ⁣designed for adventure seekers. Our eyewear‍ is‍ not only stylish ‍but also offers top-notch⁢ performance and durability. Whether​ you’re shredding the slopes,​ biking ​down a treacherous trail, or simply ‍lounging by the pool, Pit Viper sunglasses provide superior protection and comfort. In addition, Pit Viper offers a range of products, including apparel like shirts, hats, and hoodies, as well ⁢as accessories such⁤ as straps and stickers, so you can ‌show ‍off your Pit Viper ⁤pride.

To get the Pit Viper military discount, simply visit our website or reach out to⁤ our customer service team. Military personnel,‌ veterans,‍ and their families can provide the necessary identification or proof ⁤of service, such as a military‌ ID,​ veteran ID card, or dependent ID, to receive‌ the ⁣discount. Once verified, customers can​ enjoy exclusive savings‍ on ​their purchases. At Pit Viper, we believe in⁢ supporting‌ those who have dedicated their lives to serving our country, and we’re proud ‍to offer this discount as⁤ a token of our appreciation.


Q: What is the Pit Viper military discount?
A: The Pit Viper military discount is a special offer extended to members of the military community, including active-duty service members, veterans, and their families.‌ It‌ provides an opportunity to receive exclusive⁤ savings and benefits on Pit Viper products.

Q: Who is ⁣eligible for⁢ the Pit Viper‍ military‌ discount?
A: The Pit Viper⁢ military discount is open to all active-duty military personnel, including members​ of ⁤the Army,⁢ Navy, Air ⁣Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. Veterans who have served honorably and their immediate family members are also eligible for this ⁢discount.

Q: How can I take ⁢advantage of ​the military discount from Pit Viper?
A: To activate ⁣your Pit Viper military discount, simply verify your military status ⁣through a quick and⁢ easy online process. Once ‌your eligibility is confirmed, you‍ will receive ⁤a unique discount code that can be applied during checkout on the‍ Pit Viper website.

Q: What kind of savings ‌can I expect with the Pit Viper military discount?
A: The Pit Viper military discount offers a ‍significant percentage off regular prices on a‍ wide‌ range ‌of eyewear products. While exact savings may vary, ‍you can ⁢typically expect generous discounts that make Pit Viper gear more accessible and affordable.

Q: Can I use the military discount in combination with other promotions‍ or offers?
A: ⁢Generally,‌ the‌ Pit Viper military discount ‌cannot be⁢ combined with other promotional offers, discounts, or gift ‍cards. However, it’s always a good idea to check‍ the terms and conditions or ‌reach out to Pit⁢ Viper customer support for any specific restrictions or details regarding⁤ combining discounts.

Q: Is there a limit on how many ​times I can use the military discount?
A: The Pit Viper military discount is available for use multiple times, allowing you to enjoy savings on⁣ multiple⁢ orders and throughout the year. ‍As long as you remain eligible, you can​ continue to benefit ⁣from this discount.

Q: Are Pit Viper products covered by ‌any warranty?
A: Yes! Pit ‍Viper stands behind the quality‍ of their products and offers a warranty​ against manufacturer⁣ defects on all ​their eyewear. If you​ experience any issues, Pit Viper’s customer support team will ⁣gladly assist you⁣ in resolving the ⁤matter promptly.

Q: Can I share my ‌military discount with friends or family⁣ members?
A: The Pit Viper military discount ⁤is exclusively for individual use and ⁤is non-transferable. However,⁤ as mentioned earlier, immediate family members of qualified‌ military personnel are eligible to access⁣ this discount by ​applying​ individually.

Q: Are there any exclusions or‍ limitations with the Pit Viper military discount?
A: ‌While the military discount is applicable to most Pit Viper eyewear products, ⁤it’s always​ a good‍ idea to review the terms ⁢and conditions for any specific exclusions or limitations. Typically, the discount does not apply to ‌accessories, limited-edition items,‍ or any other non-eyewear merchandise.

Q: ⁢How long does it take to receive my unique military discount code?
A:⁤ After​ submitting your military verification, the process typically takes a few ⁢minutes to a couple of‌ hours. Pit‌ Viper strives to‌ review and ​validate military credentials promptly ‌to ensure‌ you can start enjoying the​ benefits of the military discount‌ as soon as ⁣possible.

Q: ‌How long is the ⁢Pit Viper military discount valid?
A: The ⁤Pit Viper military ‍discount is an ongoing program, ‍available⁣ year-round. As long as you remain⁢ an eligible⁤ member of the military community, you can ‌continue to enjoy the benefits of ​this exclusive discount. ‍