Pirates Voyage

Pirates Voyage

Have you⁢ ever wondered what life​ was⁣ like on the high seas‌ during ​the golden age‍ of piracy? Do you ⁤have an idea⁤ of⁣ what ⁢it’d​ be like ⁣to⁢ cross swords with⁤ a ‌true sailing⁣ scallywag, to​ sing shanties and feast with the crew, or to ‍uncover a ⁤glittering ​hoard of treasure?‌ Well, if you’re active duty military, a veteran, or a reservist, you’re in luck. ⁤Pirates Voyage Dinner ​and⁣ Show is offering a military discount to⁣ thank you for your service to our country.

Located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Pirates Voyage Dinner⁢ and Show ​is an immersive, ‍swashbuckling adventure that will leave you feeling like ⁢a genuine buccaneer. ​The moment you step⁣ into the ‍Pirates‍ Voyage arena,⁤ you’re treated to an electrifying live show of sword-fighting, acrobatics, and a lively⁤ sea lion, as two pirate crews duke it out‍ for the buried⁢ treasure. ⁣Moreover, while you​ enjoy this ​thrilling spectacle, you’ll be served a hearty four-course pirate feast fit for a captain. From crispy‍ chicken ​to⁢ creamy vegetable soup, corn on the cob to the apple pie dessert, your taste buds will be on a voyage of​ their own!

Now, getting the Pirates‍ Voyage military discount⁣ is as simple as flashing⁣ your military ID. All⁤ active, reserve, or retired service members with a valid military ID are eligible for ‍the discount for themselves ⁢and on behalf⁤ of their ⁣dependents. You can⁤ redeem this discount by ⁤showing⁢ your military ID when‌ purchasing tickets ‍directly from‍ the Pirates Voyage box​ office. It’s their⁣ way ⁣of saying, “Aye,‌ thank⁣ ye for ‍ye service, matey!” With⁢ this ‌discount, an amazing ⁤pirate adventure complete with an epic sea battle and a scrumptious dinner is​ now even more ‍accessible. So, hoist⁣ the main​ sail and‍ set course for Pirates Voyage! Arrr you ready for an unforgettable adventure

Q: What is the Pirates Voyage military discount?
A: It’s a special offer‍ provided by Pirates Voyage to honor and say thank you to our brave military personnel. ⁢These men‌ and women are‍ presented ‌with​ discounted tickets to‍ enjoy the ⁣Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show.

Q:‍ Who can avail of ⁣this military discount?
A: The Pirates Voyage military ⁤discount​ is applicable for all active, reserve and retired military⁤ members. In some cases, military​ dependents ⁤may also⁣ be⁣ eligible.

Q:​ How significant is⁣ the discount⁤ for military personnel?
A: ​The‍ exact amount of ​the discount varies and ⁤is subject to ⁤change. To get the most accurate info, it’s best⁣ to contact‌ Pirates⁤ Voyage directly ⁤or ​check their official website.

Q: Is this discount available throughout the year?
A: The military discount is generally ‍available throughout the year,‍ but it’s ‌always a ‌good idea to confirm with Pirates ‍Voyage regarding any date restrictions or black-out dates.

Q: How can military personnel⁣ avail of this discount?
A:‍ To avail of⁤ the military discount, present a ⁤valid military ID ⁢at the ticketing office of ⁣Pirates Voyage. However, keep in mind‍ that the process​ may depend on the location and can change.

Q:⁢ Can ‍the military discount be‌ combined⁤ with other promotions or discounts?
A:⁤ Typically, the military discount ⁣cannot be combined⁢ with⁢ other promotions or offers. It’s⁤ always⁤ best to confirm this with the Pirates Voyage customer service.

Q: Are the military discounts‌ applicable for online ⁣booking?
A: The ‌specifics ⁢of‍ how to avail the military discount, including ⁤whether it can‍ be used for online bookings, varies. We recommend reaching ⁢out directly to Pirates ‍Voyage⁢ for the most accurate information.

Q: Where can I⁤ find more⁤ information about the Pirates⁣ Voyage military discount?
A: ⁢You⁣ can find more information about ‍the Pirates Voyage military discount on their official website or ⁣by directly⁤ contacting their customer​ service. They will ⁢be more than happy to ⁣help!

Q:​ Is ⁤there a limit to⁤ how many discounted tickets a military​ member ​can buy?
A: Any restrictions or limits ‌to the number of ⁣discounted tickets a military member‍ can buy⁤ will be set ⁣by Pirates Voyage.⁤ It’s​ advisable to check ‌with them directly for specific details. ⁢

Q: ‌What is Pirates Voyage?
A: ​Pirates Voyage is an exciting,⁤ interactive dinner show that ⁣involves a pirate-themed⁣ adventure, including acrobatic competitions, live animals, ⁢and a ​four-course⁤ meal. It’s a ⁢fun experience for ⁣the whole ⁣family.