‍ Are ⁤you a military ⁢member or a veteran⁢ looking for a great place to ​stay‌ while on vacation? Look no further than Koa, where ​your service is not​ only recognized but also rewarded ‍with a special military discount. Koa ⁢is a⁤ renowned company that provides a ‍wide⁢ range⁤ of ⁣camping options ​across North⁣ America. Whether you prefer a cozy cabin or setting ‌up your own tent, Koa offers a ⁣unique‌ outdoor experience for all. And if you’re ‍part of the military community, you can enjoy additional savings on your ‌stay at⁤ any Koa location.

Koa, short ⁣for Kampgrounds of America, has been providing⁤ memorable⁣ camping experiences for families⁣ and friends since 1962. With over⁣ 500 locations in North America, ⁤you can find a Koa⁢ site‍ in nearly⁤ every state‌ and⁤ province. They offer ‍various⁤ accommodation options, including fully ⁣equipped RV ‍sites, tent sites, and comfortable cabins. Many Koa⁣ sites ​are nestled in breathtaking natural settings, allowing campers to enjoy activities⁤ such as ⁣hiking, fishing, and biking.​ Additionally, most Koa ⁤locations​ have⁤ amenities​ such as swimming pools, playgrounds, and communal gathering spaces, making your stay even more ‌enjoyable.

To receive the Koa military⁢ discount, all ​you need to do⁣ is ⁣present‍ a valid military ID at ​check-in. The discount⁤ is available to active-duty personnel, veterans, and retirees.⁤ This special offer ⁣allows ​military members⁢ to ⁣save a⁢ certain percentage​ on their camping ‌accommodation ⁤expenses. Use this discount ⁢to plan an affordable and⁢ memorable ‌vacation with your loved ones. Whether you want to ⁢reconnect with nature⁢ or ⁤enjoy quality time by ‌the campfire, ⁣Koa offers a great opportunity‍ for military members⁤ and ⁤their families to⁢ enjoy the beauty of ‍the ‍great ⁤outdoors while saving money.


Q:⁢ What ‌is the⁢ Koa military ⁤discount?
A: The Koa ⁢military discount is ⁣a ​special⁢ offer​ extended by Koa campgrounds to active and retired military personnel as⁢ a way to show appreciation‌ for ​their service.

Q: ​Who is eligible for the ⁤Koa military discount?
A:⁣ Active ‍duty military personnel, including National Guard ‍and Reserve,⁤ as well as retirees with valid military identification cards are‌ eligible for the discount.

Q: How much is the ⁢discount?
A:⁤ The discount⁣ offers​ 10% off the base rate ​for all types of accommodations at participating ​Koa campgrounds across the‌ United States and ⁢Canada.

Q: ​Are there any ‌exclusions or ⁣limitations to the ⁤discount?
A:⁢ The Koa military‍ discount‌ is​ subject to ⁣availability and cannot be combined​ with ‍any other ⁤special offers or ⁤discounts. Certain blackout dates may apply.

Q: How can I redeem the Koa military discount?
A: Simply inform ‍the Koa‍ representative about your military status while making ⁣a ⁤reservation, or⁢ enter the code provided ‌for online bookings. Remember ‌to bring ‍a valid military ⁣ID card when checking in at the campground.

Q:​ Can the discount be used for every stay at any Koa campground?
A:‍ Yes, the Koa military discount is ⁤available for ‌every stay at‌ any participating Koa campground throughout the year.

Q: Are there any additional‌ perks or benefits for military ‍personnel?
A: Yes, in addition to the discount, many Koa campgrounds offer amenities and ⁤recreational activities that⁢ cater to the needs and preferences ⁢of military families.

Q:​ How ‌do I ⁢find participating Koa campgrounds?
A: ⁤You ⁣can find a list of participating Koa campgrounds⁢ on⁤ their official website. The website also provides⁢ information about the amenities, services,‍ and attractions⁣ available at each ‍location.

Q: Is‌ the discount only available to⁣ US military or ​can⁢ Canadian military personnel also benefit from‍ it?
A: ⁤Both ‍US ⁢and Canadian military personnel with⁣ valid identification ​cards can ⁤take​ advantage of ​the Koa ​military discount.

Q: Can ⁢veterans without military ID⁢ cards avail of⁣ the discount?
A:⁤ Unfortunately, the Koa military discount is only available to individuals with valid military identification‌ cards, including⁤ active ⁣duty personnel, National Guard, Reserve,⁤ and retirees.