Hershey Park Tickets

Hershey Park Tickets

Are you a‌ member of ⁢the military⁤ looking for some fun⁤ and excitement ⁣for you and your⁢ family? Well, look no‌ further than ⁢Hershey⁣ Park Tickets! As​ a token of appreciation for ‌your service, Hershey‌ Park Tickets offers a military discount to⁤ help you make ⁣the most‌ of your visit.⁣ With thrilling rides, delicious treats, and⁤ endless entertainment,⁣ Hershey Park Tickets​ is the perfect destination to create unforgettable⁢ memories with ⁢your loved ones.

Hershey Park ‍Tickets provides⁢ access to one of the most iconic ⁢amusement ​parks⁣ in the‍ country. Located in ⁣Hershey, Pennsylvania, this family-friendly ‍attraction offers⁣ a wide array⁤ of thrilling⁣ rides, exciting shows, and stunning‌ attractions ‌for⁤ all ⁣ages. Whether‌ you’re a fan‍ of roller coasters or prefer ‍a more‌ relaxed day exploring the park, Hershey Park Tickets‌ has something for everyone. From the adrenaline-pumping excitement ​of the‍ thrilling ⁤rides ‌to the ‌enchantment of the Hershey’s Chocolate World, there is no shortage​ of entertainment options at this​ beloved amusement park.

Getting⁢ the Hershey⁢ Park Tickets military discount is easy ⁢and‌ hassle-free. ⁣To take advantage⁣ of this⁣ special offer, ⁣all you need to do is‌ present‍ your ⁣military ID​ at‍ the ​ticket booth when purchasing your⁢ tickets.​ This ⁢discount is available ⁢for active duty⁢ military,​ veterans,‍ and their⁢ immediate family members.⁢ By providing this discount,‍ Hershey Park⁣ Tickets aims​ to ⁤express their ⁣gratitude‍ for the sacrifices made by military personnel and their families. So,⁤ gather​ your loved ones ⁤and head to⁣ Hershey Park Tickets for ⁢a day filled with laughter, fun, and excitement, all ‌at a reduced price‍ thanks ‍to the military​ discount!


Q: What is the Hershey Park military discount?
A:‍ The Hershey Park⁣ military discount is‌ a special offer available ⁢to all​ active duty, ⁣reserve, ​and retired members of the⁣ U.S. military. It⁢ provides a discounted rate on admission tickets to Hershey Park for ⁤military personnel and ‌their immediate family members.

Q: How ‌much​ is ‌the military⁣ discount for‌ Hershey​ Park tickets?
A: The military discount offers‌ a ‍significant reduction in ticket⁤ prices. Currently, military members can ⁤purchase regular admission tickets for ​$39.95, which is $20 ‌off ‍the regular gate price.‍ This is an excellent opportunity for military families ‍to enjoy a fun-filled day at Hershey Park without breaking the bank.

Q: ​Who is eligible for the Hershey Park‌ military ⁣discount?
A:‍ Active duty, reserve, ‌and retired ⁣members of the U.S. military,⁤ including Army, Navy, ‌Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and National Guard, are eligible for⁤ the⁣ military discount. Immediate family members,⁢ such as spouses and children, can also take advantage of this​ offer when accompanied by their military member.

Q: How can I access the ‍military ​discount for Hershey Park tickets?
A: To‍ obtain the military ⁢discount ⁤for Hershey ‌Park tickets, visit the Hershey Park website and look for⁤ the “Military Discount” option. From⁢ there,⁢ you will need‌ to verify your⁤ military status through⁣ the ID.me​ platform. Once your⁢ status is‌ confirmed,​ you can ⁤proceed to⁣ purchase discounted tickets.

Q:​ Can the military ⁤discount‍ be applied to multiple tickets?
A: Absolutely! The military‌ discount for Hershey Park tickets can ‌be used to purchase multiple tickets for eligible military members and​ their⁤ immediate ⁢family members. This provides ‌a ​fantastic opportunity for everyone to ⁤enjoy the park’s‌ thrilling attractions,⁤ delicious treats, and entertaining shows together.

Q:⁢ Are there ⁤any restrictions or ‍blackout dates with the military​ discount?
A: ‌The military discount for ‍Hershey Park ⁤tickets is generally available during the⁤ park’s ‌ regular operating season. However, it’s essential to ​check the dates ​and availability​ on the Hershey Park website beforehand, ‌as there⁣ may⁤ be‌ occasional blackout dates or ‌other restrictions due to special events or park capacity.

Q:⁢ Are there any additional perks​ or discounts for​ military families at ⁤Hershey Park?
A: Absolutely! In addition⁣ to the ⁤discounted tickets, Hershey Park‍ also⁣ offers various perks and⁣ discounts to military⁢ families. These​ include special ⁣rates at the on-site Hershey Lodge and Hotel Hershey,‍ as well as ‍discounts on food, merchandise, and​ other entertainment options within the park. Be sure to explore ⁣all the ⁤additional benefits ​available for an even more enjoyable Hershey⁤ Park experience.

Q: Can I purchase the military discount tickets ⁤at the park’s⁤ entrance?
A: ⁣No,⁤ the ​military discount tickets for⁣ Hershey Park are not ‌available ⁣for purchase at the‌ park’s entrance. To take advantage of ⁤the military discount, you must ‍purchase your​ tickets ‌online through the Hershey⁤ Park​ website. This ensures a ‍seamless experience and allows you to make the most of⁢ this special offer.

Q: How long⁤ is⁢ the Hershey ⁣Park military​ discount available?
A: ⁤The Hershey Park‌ military‌ discount ‌is an ongoing offer available during the regular operating season. ⁣However, the specific duration of the discount may vary, so⁤ it’s ⁢always ‍recommended ⁣to check ‌the‌ Hershey Park website ​for⁢ the ⁤most up-to-date information ⁢regarding‍ the availability and ⁢expiration date of‌ the military discount.

Q: Can‌ I use the military discount ‍for Hershey Park tickets for special events or seasonal celebrations?
A: Generally, the military discount ‍is not ⁣valid ‌for special events ‌or⁢ seasonal celebrations at Hershey Park. ​However, the park may occasionally ⁢offer specific⁢ military promotions ‌for these occasions, so it’s worth checking the website ‍for any additional military-related offers during ​these times.