Every man and woman who serves our nation in ⁣the military performs​ an‌ invaluable service. In appreciation of their ‍sacrifice and fortitude, ​many businesses offer military discounts as a way to⁣ say thank‌ you. Fios, the fiber optic internet service from telecommunications giant Verizon, is one of those⁤ companies that have implemented a substantial military discount to honor those serving or who have served in the U.S. military.

Billed ⁤as a 100% fiber⁣ optic network, ⁤Fios ⁤is well-known for ‍offering‌ services like ultra-fast⁣ internet connections, digital TV, and​ home phone. The connection speed and ‌stability make it an ⁢attractive option for gamers and binge-watchers, while the⁤ responsiveness of their‍ network is a great attribute⁢ for professionals​ working from home. Fios Internet offers download speeds up to 940 Mbps that clearly means faster ⁣streaming,‌ easier sharing, and​ amazing gaming. ⁢The digital TV services include different packages featuring⁤ an extensive line-up of lifestyle, sports,⁤ and movie channels. The home phone services, on the other hand, offer reliable solutions to ​stay connected to your loved ones.

Now, onto the Fios military discount – this⁤ generous offer is available to active duty, reserves, veterans, National Guard members, and their family members. Here’s how to ⁢get it: start by checking your eligibility on the Verizon website. If you’re eligible, choose either the ‌Internet-only plan, or the Internet and ​TV plan that suits⁤ your needs. Once selected, the discounted price will “automatically” appear during the checkout process. As part of the process, you will need to provide your military status when prompted⁣ and⁢ then ​you’ll be well on your way‌ to enjoying⁣ your new service. In taking advantage of⁢ the Fios military discount, you’re not only getting top-tier internet and telecommunications services, but you’re also enjoying a well-deserved acknowledgment of your dedication and service to this nation.

Q: What exactly is the ⁤Fios military discount?
A: The Fios military discount is a⁣ special offer by Verizon Fios for current ‌and⁢ former Military service members. It comprises ⁣a ⁣saving deal on their Fios home Internet services as a token of appreciation for⁤ their service.

Q:‌ Who ​is ​eligible ​for this discount?
A: Active duty military‍ members, ‌reservists,‍ veterans, and their families can use the Fios military discount. It’s also available to ⁢Gold Star Families and cadets.

Q: ‍How much will I save with the Fios⁣ military discount?
A: Depending on the plan you choose, you could save from $5 to⁢ $15 per month, adding up ‍to significant savings throughout the year.

Q: How can I verify my⁣ military affiliation ⁣to get this discount?
A: Verizon Fios uses the platform for​ this. If you are eligible, you‌ can apply by selecting ⁤the military option during checkout and you will be guided to verify your status through

Q: What⁣ happens after I’ve verified my military status?
A: After verification, the discount will be applied automatically to your chosen services every month ⁤for as ⁣long as you maintain ⁣that service.

Q: Are there any particular plans⁣ that I ​must be on to get the military discount?
A: The Fios military discount can ‌be applied to any mix & match Internet plan, but it cannot⁣ be combined with other ⁤offers or discounts.

Q: ⁢What if I ⁣am already a Verizon Fios customer, can I still ‍apply for‌ this ‌discount?
A: Yes, the discount is available for both, new ‍and existing Verizon Fios customers.‌ If you are an existing customer you can‌ apply for the military ⁣discount by logging into your account and navigating through ‍the page dedicated to military discounts.

Q: Can I switch to Verizon Fios from another provider and⁣ still avail of the military ⁣discount?
A: Absolutely! ​Those ​switching to Verizon Fios from⁢ another‍ provider can still⁤ avail of the military⁢ discount provided they meet the ‍eligibility criteria.‌

Q: Does the discount apply to⁢ other Verizon services too?
A: While the Fios military discount is‌ specifically for home internet services, Verizon also provides a‍ military discount for mobile services. ‌The exact terms and ⁣conditions may vary.

Q:⁣ I have some more queries, where ‍can I get more information?
A: The‍ Verizon Military ‌Support ​page provides more details on this offer. You can also call Verizon’s customer‌ support ‍to clarify any ‌specific queries⁢ you might have.