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Are you a member‌ of the ​military and looking to spruce ‌up your home? Well, look no further because Crate ⁤and Barrel​ has got⁢ you covered ‌with their fabulous military discount! Whether you’ve just moved into a new⁣ place or want to ‍update ⁣your​ current⁢ décor, Crate and Barrel ⁢offers a ​wide range ‌of ​stylish and high-quality ⁢furniture, home accessories, and kitchenware. And the‌ best part? They are ‌dedicated ‌to honoring and supporting our ⁢military personnel by ​offering​ a special discount as a token of appreciation for⁢ their service.

Crate and ​Barrel is a⁤ renowned retailer​ that specializes in providing chic ⁤furniture ‌and home⁣ essentials to customers all around the United ⁤States. ‌With‍ their ​commitment to​ quality⁤ craftsmanship and ​timeless design, they offer an extensive range⁣ of products to ‌suit⁤ any ⁢home style ‍or preference. ​From​ comfortable sofas⁤ and elegant dining ⁣tables to cozy bedding and ⁢trendy kitchen ​gadgets, Crate and Barrel ensures‌ that every item‌ meets their⁤ high ⁤standards of ‌functionality and aesthetics. Their ⁤mission​ is to help​ you ⁤create a space that you love coming home to, ⁣reflecting your unique personality ⁣and style.

Now, ⁢let’s talk ‌about how you can snag that ‌fantastic ​military discount at Crate and‌ Barrel. To avail yourself of this special offer, you’ll need⁤ to ⁢verify your military ​status through their website‍ or in-store. Once your military service has ‍been confirmed, you ‌can ‍enjoy exclusive savings ‌on your ⁤purchases‌ at any ‌Crate‌ and Barrel location⁢ or online. It’s a simple process that allows military personnel, both active‍ and ⁣retired, as ⁤well ⁣as their immediate family members to take advantage ‌of ⁣this generous discount and transform their living⁤ spaces without⁣ stretching their budget. ‍So‌ go ⁢ahead and start ⁢browsing⁤ their incredible selection⁣ of ⁤home‌ furnishings and​ make your house truly⁣ feel ​like a home. ⁣Thank you for your service!


Q:‍ Does Crate and Barrel offer a military‌ discount?
A: Yes, Crate and Barrel ‌does offer a military discount to show their appreciation for‌ the⁢ service of active duty, retired ‌military personnel, and their ‌families.

Q: Who is eligible for the ‌Crate and Barrel military discount?
A:‌ Active duty military members, retired military⁢ personnel, reservists, National Guard members, ‌veterans, ⁢and their immediate family ​members can take advantage ⁢of the Crate and Barrel military discount.

Q: How much is the military discount‌ at Crate⁢ and Barrel?
A:⁤ The military‍ discount ⁤at‍ Crate and Barrel ⁢is 10%​ off on ​regularly⁣ priced items.

Q:​ Can the⁣ military⁣ discount be​ combined​ with ​other offers ⁣or promotions?
A: Unfortunately,‍ the military ⁣discount cannot be combined with other offers, promotions, or discounts.

Q: ⁤How can I avail of the⁤ military discount ‌at Crate and⁣ Barrel?
A: To⁣ avail of the military ‌discount, ⁣you can visit any Crate ​and Barrel store‍ location⁢ and⁢ present​ a valid ⁣military⁤ ID or ‌other proof of military⁤ affiliation at the time of ‌purchase. If you prefer online shopping, you⁤ can contact ⁤Crate and ⁤Barrel customer service to inquire about the process ‌for⁣ receiving‌ the military discount ⁤online.

Q: Does​ the military discount apply to⁤ all items at Crate and‌ Barrel?
A: The ‍military ​discount applies to regularly priced items at Crate ⁣and Barrel. ‍Sale items, ‍special promotional​ items, ‍and certain brands may not⁤ be eligible for the military discount.

Q: ⁢Is ​the military discount ⁤applicable to‍ gift ‌cards?
A: No, the military discount cannot be applied towards the⁢ purchase of ⁤Crate and ⁤Barrel gift cards.

Q: Are there any exclusions or⁢ limitations to‌ the ‌military discount?
A: Yes,⁤ the military‍ discount does‍ come with a few⁣ exclusions and limitations. It cannot be used for‍ purchases made‌ at⁤ CB2 stores, outlet ⁤locations, international locations,​ or towards prior purchases.

Q:⁤ Does the military discount have​ an expiration date?
A:⁢ The ⁣military‍ discount⁣ at⁤ Crate⁣ and​ Barrel‍ does not‍ have⁤ an expiration date. However, it is always recommended to check with the ​store ⁣or online customer service ​for‌ the most⁢ up-to-date information regarding the military ‍discount.

Q: Can dependents ⁣of active duty military members use the⁣ military discount?
A: ‍Yes,⁢ dependents of active ​duty military members with a valid military ID can ⁤utilize the military⁣ discount​ at Crate and Barrel.

Q: ⁢Is there a limit to how many times I ⁢can use ⁤the‌ military discount?
A: There is ‍no specified‍ limit to how many times⁤ the military discount can be used.​ You can enjoy the discount⁤ on multiple visits​ or ⁢online purchases at Crate and Barrel, as long as you ⁢meet the eligibility requirements.

Q: Will Crate and‍ Barrel ship items​ purchased⁢ with the ‌military discount to APO/FPO addresses?
A: Yes, Crate ‌and ‍Barrel is ​happy ⁤to ship items ⁤purchased with the military discount to‌ APO/FPO⁤ addresses, allowing you​ to enjoy the⁢ benefits ‌of the discount regardless of your location.

Q: What should I⁣ do if the Crate and Barrel store or customer service representative is‍ unaware of the⁤ military discount?
A: If you encounter any issues ⁢or uncertainties ⁢about‍ the military discount at Crate and Barrel, politely ask to speak with a ⁣manager or contact‌ their customer service⁤ for assistance.‌ They ​will ​be ⁣able to​ provide you with the‍ necessary‍ information and ensure ​your military discount is correctly​ applied to your ⁤purchase. ⁣