costco wholesale military

With a busy career in the military, you have more important things to think about than weekly shopping. However, ensuring you have supplies on hand is also important, so what are your options? Buying in bulk is one way to keep your home stocked, and a smart one at that. But which bulk retailer is the best, and how can you save money with this shopping method?

Costco is one of the best-known bulk retailers in the country, and their reputation does not disappoint. With everything you need under one roof, in bulk quantities, and at great prices, what’s not to love? From toilet paper to clothing, those delicious soft pretzels to tires, Costco has you covered, in all areas — especially your budget!

How To Get The Costco Military Discount

Costco already offers amazingly low prices for their merchandise, so they don’t have a regular military discount for shopping there. However, when you sign up for your membership, be sure to go to this page and verify your military status. You’ll be given a $20 Costco shop card for joining, which you can spend on whatever you like! 

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