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Atlanta Zoo

‌ Are you ​a⁤ military​ service member​ or​ a veteran looking to spend a⁤ fun-filled ​day⁢ with your family in⁣ Atlanta? Look​ no further ⁢than the Atlanta Zoo, where they⁢ offer a⁤ special military discount to show their appreciation for the⁣ sacrifices made by our armed forces. With⁣ a‌ wide range ⁤of captivating animals and exciting experiences, the Atlanta Zoo provides‍ a unique and educational adventure ⁢for ‌visitors ⁣of all ages.

Located conveniently‌ in ​Grant Park, the Atlanta Zoo is ​home ⁣to⁤ over ‍1,000 animals from around the world. From ⁣majestic elephants ⁣to⁣ playful pandas, there⁤ is something for⁤ everyone to enjoy. The zoo offers various ‍exhibits and interactive activities such‍ as the African‌ Rainforest, the Ford African Rain ⁢Forest, ​and ‍the Outback Station. As you stroll⁤ through the beautifully landscaped grounds, you can ⁤witness conservation efforts firsthand ‌and⁣ learn ⁢about the importance ⁣of protecting‍ endangered species. The Atlanta ⁤Zoo is committed to⁤ creating ​a memorable experience for its visitors ‌while promoting animal welfare ⁤and ‍conservation.

To access ⁤the Atlanta ‌Zoo military discount, simply present ‌your military ID​ at the ticket counter.‍ This exclusive discount grants⁢ military ⁤personnel and‍ their families a‌ reduced ⁣admission price, allowing ‌them to‍ enjoy all the⁣ wonders the ​zoo ‌has to offer. ‍Whether you choose to visit on⁢ a weekend or during⁢ the week,⁢ this discounted‍ rate is available ‍year-round. ⁤By offering this discount, the ⁣Atlanta Zoo aims ​to demonstrate its ⁤gratitude to ⁤those who have served our country and make a visit to ‌the zoo more accessible for ⁣military families. So ‌gather your ⁤loved ones, including children, and embark​ on a day ⁤filled with laughter, excitement, and unforgettable animal encounters at the Atlanta Zoo.


Q:⁣ What is the military​ discount offered ⁤at‌ the ⁤Atlanta Zoo?
A: The Atlanta ⁤Zoo ⁢is pleased to offer a ‍military discount for active-duty⁣ and retired military personnel, along with their immediate family members.

Q:⁣ How much is the‍ military ⁢discount at the Atlanta Zoo?
A: The⁢ military discount ⁤allows military ​personnel and their immediate family members to receive ‍a $3 discount off general⁣ admission⁢ tickets.

Q: ‌Who is eligible ⁣for the military ‌discount?
A: Active-duty military personnel,⁣ retirees, ⁤and their immediate family members are all⁤ eligible for the military discount at the ​Atlanta ‌Zoo. Immediate family members ⁤include⁣ spouse and dependent children.

Q: Do I ⁤need⁢ to ‍provide any documentation to avail the ⁣military discount?
A: Yes, to receive the military ​discount, a valid military ID⁤ or ​other⁤ proof⁤ of ‌military‌ service⁢ must be presented at the Atlanta Zoo ⁢ticket booth.

Q: Can I use ‍the military discount for online ticket purchases?
A: ​Unfortunately, the military discount for Atlanta Zoo tickets ⁢is only⁣ available for on-site ticket purchases at the ticket⁢ booth. It cannot be applied ⁢to online purchases.

Q: Are ​there⁢ any ⁢restrictions or limitations to the ​military ⁢discount?
A: ⁢The military discount can only be⁤ applied⁤ to general ⁤admission ​tickets and cannot⁤ be combined ​with any other‌ offers or promotions. ⁢It is valid for up⁤ to ​six family members per military ID.

Q: How ‌often‌ can I use‍ the military discount at the Atlanta Zoo?
A: The military discount can be ‌utilized every time a military ⁣family ‍visits the Atlanta Zoo. There are no limitations on the number of‌ visits or how ‌frequently⁤ it can ‌be used.

Q: Can the military discount be​ used during​ special events ⁤or promotions?
A: The⁤ military discount typically⁢ cannot be applied to⁣ special events‌ or​ separately ticketed attractions, as these ⁢may have their ⁣own pricing and discount policies.⁢ However, it is ​always best to‍ inquire with the ‌Atlanta Zoo directly to ⁢confirm any exceptions.

Q: Is parking included in the military discount?
A: ⁣Parking fees at the‌ Atlanta Zoo are not​ included in the military ⁤discount. All⁤ regular ⁢parking ⁢rates and policies will apply, but discount options may ⁣be​ available for ⁤military⁤ personnel. It ⁤is advised to ⁢check with the Zoo’s website ⁣or ‍contact‍ them for further details.

Q: Where can⁣ I find ⁣more⁤ information about the Atlanta ‍Zoo military‍ discount?
A: Detailed ​information, including any updates ‌or changes to the military discount,⁢ can‍ be found on the Atlanta Zoo’s official website​ under the “Tickets‍ & Discounts” section. Additionally, you ​can contact their customer‍ service for any specific inquiries.