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military green fabric sofa from ashley furniture

Furniture is a costly purchase, though a necessary one. It’s important to feel comfortable when you’re at home; a luxury many military employees don’t get to experience as often as they’d like. But coming home to a cozy, well-furnished home after a long day (or extended trip) can make your time away feel like it was worth the wait. 

Ashley Furniture stores is a giant chain of warehouse-sized stores filled with all things furniture. Their huge variety includes multiple styles, colors, patterns, and fabrics on couches, chairs, beds, and pretty much any other furniture item you might need. Their online store is just as massive, with all their products being available at a click of the mouse for fast, easy delivery.

How To Get The Ashley Furniture Military Discount

To get the Ashley military‍ discount, simply follow these simple steps. First, visit your nearest Ashley HomeStore or click the button below to explore their vast selection of products. Once you’ve found the perfect items for your home, head to the⁤ checkout page. At this point, inform the​ sales associate or enter the promo code provided for the‍ 5% military discount. And just ‍like that, you’ll be able to enjoy significant savings on your purchase!‌ Whether you’re furnishing your first home⁣ or redecorating your⁤ current one, the Ashley military discount is a fantastic opportunity to make your space stylish and comfortable, all while keeping your budget in check.


Q: What is⁣ the Ashley furniture military discount?
A: The ⁣Ashley furniture military discount is a special offer provided by Ashley HomeStore to show​ appreciation⁤ for the service and sacrifice of military personnel and their families. It offers exclusive discounts on furniture and home décor items.

Q: Who is ⁤eligible for the Ashley military discount?
A: Active-duty service members, veterans, retirees, reservists, and their‌ immediate family members are ‌eligible for the Ashley furniture military discount. Valid identification or proof‍ of service is required to get the discount.

Q: ⁢How much discount is offered with the Ashley⁣ furniture military discount?
A: The exact discount amount may vary, but Ashley ‍HomeStore typically offers a ⁤percentage off the total purchase for eligible⁣ military personnel and their families. To get the most accurate information,​ it’s recommended ⁤to check with your‌ local ‍Ashley​ HomeStore or visit their website.

Q: ⁤Can the⁤ Ashley furniture military discount be combined with other offers or promotions?
A: In most cases, the Ashley furniture military discount cannot be ⁣combined with other ‍ongoing promotions or discounts. However, it’s always ‍worth checking⁣ with your local⁣ store or their website for‍ any special exceptions or limited-time offers.

Q: Where ‌can I⁤ use the Ashley furniture military discount?
A: The Ashley furniture military discount can be used at any participating Ashley HomeStore location. You can find a store near⁢ you by visiting their website or contacting their customer⁢ service.

Q: Is the Ashley furniture military‍ discount available online?
A: Yes, the Ashley furniture military discount is also available for online purchases. When⁤ shopping ​online, you can enter a special promo code during ⁣checkout or follow the provided instructions to receive the discount. Online availability may vary, so confirm ⁢the details on their website.

Q: Are⁢ there any exclusions or limitations ⁣to the Ashley furniture military discount?
A: Some items ⁢may be excluded from the Ashley furniture military discount, such as clearance or sale items. Additionally, certain restrictions may apply, and ⁣specific terms and conditions can vary by store. It’s advisable to consult with your local​ Ashley HomeStore or refer to their website for complete details.

Q: How can I find out more​ information about the Ashley furniture military discount?
A: ⁢For more information about the Ashley furniture military discount, including eligibility requirements and specific‍ details on the discount, it is recommended to ⁢contact your nearest Ashley HomeStore directly or visit their official website. They will be able to provide any additional information you may need.

Q: ​Is the Ashley furniture military discount a limited-time offer?
A: The Ashley furniture military discount is an ongoing‌ offer ​to express appreciation for military personnel and their families. However, it’s always a good idea to verify the availability⁣ and terms of the discount with your​ local Ashley HomeStore, as promotions and offers may change over time.

Q: Can family ‍members of military personnel ⁢use the‍ Ashley furniture military discount without ​the presence of ⁢the service member?
A: Yes, immediate family members of eligible military personnel can usually use the Ashley furniture military discount, even without the presence of the ​service member. However, valid identification or proof of service may be required, and it’s best to confirm these details with your local store beforehand.