⁣Are you a member⁢ of the military​ or⁣ a veteran ⁢looking for a place to⁢ dine out? Look‍ no further than‌ Applebee’s, a popular ⁣casual dining restaurant‌ chain that not only serves delicious food but⁤ also ⁤values and appreciates ⁢the sacrifices ​made by ⁢our servicemen and ⁢women. ‌In recognition of‌ their dedication⁤ and service,‌ Applebee’s offers​ a fantastic military discount that allows military personnel ‌and veterans to enjoy their meals at a reduced price.​ So, if you’re in the mood for ‍a‌ hearty meal ⁤and want‍ to save some money, Applebee’s ​is ‍the ‍place to be!

Applebee’s is ​a well-known restaurant chain with ⁢over ‍1,800 ⁢locations across the United States. They are famous for their diverse​ menu that offers a vast selection of appetizers, salads, burgers, sandwiches, steaks, ​and much​ more. Whether you’re craving their mouthwatering ​Double-Glazed Baby Back Ribs, perfectly seasoned Bourbon Street Chicken​ & Shrimp, ​or their famous oriental grilled chicken salad, Applebee’s has something for‍ everyone. Along with their delicious food, they ‍also pride themselves ⁤on​ creating⁢ a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere ​where friends and family can gather to enjoy a⁤ great ​meal and have⁢ a good time.

As ‌a token of⁢ their gratitude towards military personnel and veterans, Applebee’s offers a generous military discount.⁤ Getting ​the discount is simple ⁢– all you need to ‌do​ is show ⁢a ‌valid military ID or ⁢proof of service when you dine in at‌ any participating Applebee’s location. The discount is available​ to‌ active duty military members, veterans, and even reserves. By⁣ presenting your military ‌ID, you can enjoy a percentage off‌ your bill, making your meal at Applebee’s even more affordable. It’s Applebee’s way of saying “thank‍ you” to those who have selflessly served our country. So,⁢ grab your ⁣friends or family, ​head​ to your nearest Applebee’s, and enjoy a​ delicious meal at⁢ a⁢ discounted​ price.


Q: What is‍ Applebee’s military discount?
A: Applebee’s offers a special military discount to ‍show ‌appreciation for the men and women who serve in the armed forces.

Q: How much is‍ the ‍military discount‍ at Applebee’s?
A: The military ​discount at Applebee’s is 10% off the total ‌bill, excluding alcohol, taxes, and gratuity. It’s a⁤ great ⁣way for military ⁤personnel to enjoy ⁣a ⁢delicious meal⁣ at ⁤a‌ reduced price.

Q: Who is eligible ⁤for⁣ the military⁤ discount?
A: The military ⁣discount at Applebee’s is available to ⁤all⁢ active-duty military members ​and veterans, including those in⁢ the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. It’s also ‍applicable to National Guard and ⁣Reserve members.

Q: How can I⁣ redeem the military discount at Applebee’s?
A: ‍To qualify for the discount,‌ simply present a valid military ID, Veterans Affairs (VA) card,⁣ or any proof of service. ‍Inform your server upon arrival or during the ordering ⁣process, and they will ‌gladly⁤ apply the‌ discount to your bill.

Q: Can the military discount‌ be combined ​with other offers or promotions?
A: Applebee’s military⁣ discount cannot be combined with other special offers, promotions, or discounts. However, it can be used on both dine-in and online orders, giving‌ military​ personnel the flexibility to enjoy their favorite menu ​items without breaking the⁤ bank.

Q:‌ Is the military discount available at all Applebee’s locations?
A: Yes, the military discount is available at participating Applebee’s locations nationwide. However, it’s always a good idea to contact your local​ Applebee’s restaurant ahead ‍of time to ensure they⁣ honor the military discount.

Q: Do I​ need to⁣ show my ​military ID every⁣ time I visit Applebee’s?
A: While it’s⁤ advisable to carry your ⁣military ID with you ​to prove ‍eligibility,​ some Applebee’s locations may have systems⁢ in place to recognize repeat ‌military customers. It’s a good practice to bring your ID, but you can‌ check with your local Applebee’s if they⁣ require ⁢it each time.

Q: Does Applebee’s offer any additional perks for⁤ military personnel?
A: In addition to the military discount, Applebee’s participates in various initiatives that support the military community, such as fundraising campaigns and partnerships with ⁢military charities. These endeavors reflect the company’s commitment to showing⁢ appreciation ​for ​our military heroes.

Q: Are there‌ any ​exclusions or limitations to the military ⁤discount?
A: Yes, there are a few⁢ exclusions and limitations to ‌be ​aware ‍of.‌ The military discount‍ does not‍ apply to gift card purchases, taxes, and gratuity. It also cannot be used in‌ conjunction with ​other promotions or‍ discount offers. Other than these limitations, the discount ​can be used on most menu ⁢items. ⁢

Q: How long is Applebee’s military discount available?
A:​ Applebee’s ongoing ⁢military discount demonstrates their commitment to supporting the military community. However, it’s always a good idea to stay updated by⁣ checking their official website or contacting⁣ your nearest Applebee’s restaurant for any changes or updates regarding‌ the‍ military discount. ‍