silver sports coupe from Alamo on asphalt road

Leaving your home turf doesn’t just happen while you’re at work — military personnel travel on their off-duty days, too. Exploring new places is fun and exciting, but it’s much easier to cover more ground when you have a car to drive, right? But renting cars can add up, especially if you want something beyond the economy vehicle, so how can you get more bang for your buck?

Alamo is a great choice for car rentals, offering pick up and drop off locations all over the country. Their wide array of vehicles will satisfy every driver’s preference, and their friendly customer service makes the whole process an easy one. Whether you need a car for a couple days or something more long term, Alamo has the perfect vehicle for you!

How To Get The Alamo Military Discount

Military service members have even more of a reason to rent from Alamo: they offer a generous military discount! You’ll have to go to this page and find out your specific rental rates, but it’s a simple and quick process. Before you know it, you’ll be booking your next car, excited about where the road will take you! 

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