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In this day and age, most of our lives are assisted in some way by technology. Whether it’s computers (work or personal), software, or other tech-focused gear, there’s something that everyone needs in their daily life to keep it running smoothly. It’s no different for military employees — you need technology to complete your work, stay in touch with family, and even relax after a long day!

Microsoft is the tech giant everyone knows, providing computer systems, software, gaming gear, and more to consumers since the early 1980’s. They run a sizable portion of office systems worldwide, with their programs and software being top tier as far as most businesses are concerned. They also provide a wide variety of personal and home computer products and services, making life easier for people everywhere! 

How To Get The Microsoft Office Military Discount

Microsoft wants to extend its appreciation to military employees — active, former, or retired — and their families. You’ll get a generous 10% discount on select products and services, making it even easier to enjoy the amazing creations Microsoft has to offer! Just visit this page to grab all the details you need. Happy shopping!

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