Are you a ‍military service member⁤ or a veteran? If so,​ you’ll be pleased to ⁢know that Longhorn‌ has‍ a fantastic military discount program specially designed for you. At Longhorn, they understand and appreciate the sacrifices made by our brave⁣ men and women in uniform, and they strive ⁢to ‌show their⁣ gratitude by offering⁢ exclusive discounts. Whether you’re‌ looking to enjoy‌ a ⁤delicious steak, mouthwatering seafood, or any of their other delicious menu options, ⁣you can ‍take advantage of this ‍discount to enjoy a wonderful dining experience‍ at a more​ affordable ​price.

Longhorn ‌is‍ a popular​ restaurant chain ​that ​is⁤ known for its ​delicious⁤ and carefully prepared steaks. However, they⁣ offer ‍a variety of other dishes as well, ‌including seafood, ‍chicken, ribs, and more. With⁢ a welcoming and cozy ambiance, Longhorn provides an excellent environment to⁢ gather⁤ with friends ⁣and family or celebrate ‌special occasions. ‍Their commitment to quality⁣ and flavor ‍is evident ⁢in every dish ⁢they serve, ⁢making ​it a favorite⁤ spot for ⁤many food enthusiasts.

To⁢ access the Longhorn ⁣military discount, the process is simple ​and straightforward. All you need⁤ to do is present⁤ a⁢ valid ⁢military‍ ID, such⁣ as a Common​ Access Card (CAC) or Veterans Identification Card‌ (VIC), to your server when you visit any participating Longhorn location.⁢ The discount is available to both ​active and retired military personnel, as​ well ⁤as members of the National Guard and Reserve. ‌By presenting⁤ your ​ID, you’ll be able to ‍enjoy a generous‍ discount⁢ on⁢ your meal, allowing you to ‌savor the exceptional cuisine at a reduced ‌price.

In conclusion, Longhorn’s military ‍discount program ‍is a wonderful ‍way for them to express their ‍gratitude to those who have ​served or are currently serving in the military. Whether you’re ‍in the mood for a ‌perfectly cooked steak or craving‍ some‌ delectable seafood, Longhorn​ has⁢ something ⁢for⁤ everyone. So, ⁤if you’re a military service‍ member or a veteran,​ make sure to take⁣ advantage of this special offer by presenting ‍your ⁣military ID‍ during your next visit⁤ to a Longhorn‌ restaurant.


Q: What⁢ is the Longhorn military discount?

A: The Longhorn military discount is ⁤a special offer exclusively available to members of the military⁤ and their families. It‌ provides them with a discount on their purchases‍ at Longhorn,​ a popular⁤ restaurant ⁤chain known for its delicious steaks and savory dishes.

Q: Who​ qualifies for the Longhorn⁣ military discount?

A: The Longhorn ‌military discount is available to ⁣ active-duty military personnel, veterans, and their immediate family members. This includes‌ spouses ​and children.

Q: How ⁤much is⁢ the discount?

A: Longhorn is proud to‌ offer ​a‌ 10% discount to all eligible⁤ military personnel and ⁢their families. This discount applies‌ to the​ total​ bill, excluding ⁤alcohol purchases and taxes.

Q: How can I redeem the Longhorn military ⁢discount?

A: To⁢ take advantage⁤ of the Longhorn military discount, simply‌ present your valid military identification ‍card ⁢or other proof of service when placing your order.⁣ The discount⁣ will then be applied to your bill automatically.

Q: Can the Longhorn military discount be used for online orders?

A: ⁣Unfortunately, ​the Longhorn military discount is⁣ currently only available​ for in-restaurant ⁣dining. It cannot be applied‌ to online orders or for takeout.

Q: Is the Longhorn military discount available ⁣at all locations?

A: Yes, ‍the ⁣Longhorn military discount⁤ is available at all‌ participating‌ Longhorn‌ Steakhouse locations across ​the‌ United States. However,​ it is‍ always a good idea to check with your local restaurant in advance to ensure they offer the discount.

Q: Are there any ‍restrictions‍ or limitations?

A: ⁣As mentioned earlier, the Longhorn military discount‍ cannot be used​ for alcohol purchases ⁣or‌ taxes. Additionally, the discount ⁤cannot be​ combined with any other special offers or ​promotions. It is ‌valid for ⁣dine-in only and‍ cannot be ‍redeemed for online‍ orders or takeout.

Q: Is there an expiration⁣ date for ⁢the Longhorn⁢ military ⁤discount?

A: At present,‌ Longhorn ⁤has not announced an expiration date for the ‌military discount program. However, it is‍ always⁢ a good ‌idea to⁢ check ⁤the official​ Longhorn website ​or inquire with​ your local restaurant for the most ‍up-to-date information.

Q: I’m a military spouse, can‍ I ⁤use ⁣the Longhorn military ​discount​ even if my partner ⁣is not present?

A:‍ Absolutely! Longhorn ‍extends ‌the military discount ⁢to immediate family members, including ⁤military spouses. As long as you have ⁤a‍ valid military ID ‌or proof of service, you can enjoy the ‍discount even if your partner is‌ not present.

Q: Can the Longhorn ‍military​ discount be combined with other discounts⁢ or coupons?

A: No, the Longhorn military discount cannot be combined with ‌other discounts or coupons. It is a standalone‍ offer specifically ⁤designed to‌ show appreciation for the⁣ military community.

Q: ‍How frequently does Longhorn review or revise its military‍ discount policy?

A: ⁤Longhorn is committed to ‍supporting ‌the military community,⁣ and their military discount‍ policy is regularly reviewed and updated‍ to ensure it remains beneficial and relevant.⁤ Any changes to the discount policy ⁣will​ be communicated through official ⁤channels, including ⁣the Longhorn ​website and in-store signage.